Melt was Cineplex's venture into the novelty dessert shop, and my team's task was to explore what a trendy, Instagram-worthy brand for desserts would look like.


From the ground up, I conceptualized and sketched the logo, sourced an illustrator, created brand guidelines, and worked with photographers and food stylists to craft a perfect social-media ready backdrop for this super-sweet brand.


The Melt branding project was a standout opportunity to work on a brand from the ground up with a ton of room for creative freedom. Capturing the excitement of trendy desserts flawlessly, it earned recognition with an in-house design award.


HOW Magazine In-House Design Award,
in the category of Entertainment


Design & Art Direction: Andrea Zadro
Food Photography: Chris Robinson (Fuze)
Copywriting: Angela Miller
Illustrator: Jason Vandenberg

Hello! I’m an art director and designer living and working in the west end of Toronto, Ontario.

With several years of experience with both in-house and agency teams, I’ve garnered a lot of experience in point of sale marketing, especially in the areas of consumer packaged goods and food products both in the QSR and retail spaces. I’ve worked directly with clients at major national brands like Tim Hortons®, Cineplex®, and Burger King®

I graduated with an Honours BFA from The University of Toronto and BA from Sheridan College in 2012. There, I studied several mediums from printmaking to photography to design. I’m inspired not only by changes and trends in the design world, but by artists that work in all mediums. They tell us so much about how our tastes and values are generationally changing and I think it’s important to pay attention to that.

In my spare time, I mostly likes to bake, watch movies, and play piano. I’m known to bring trays of cookies and donuts to the office (or the bar, seriously), so that’s kind of a personal perk of being my colleague or friend! I have a baking Instagram that I often post to over on @andiesbake if you want to check that out. ◡̈

Thanks for reading!