Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada's 150th birthday. It's also Debbie Harry's birthday, and she's half as old as Canada. Weird, right? 

I celebrated today by not going outside at all, baking a cake, eating homemade pizza for dinner, watching Twin Peaks. Happy birthday, Canada. 

Today's my last day of No Sugar June, (once you account the extra day I needed to do because I slipped once) so I thought I would go over the pros and cons and my learnings from cutting out all forms of processed sugar for a month. 

Firstly, I didn't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would! Which is saying something. I love my sweets and I love baking. 

The toughest part was finding workarounds for regular meals... There's no adding maple syrup to oatmeal, no adding brown sugar to banana bread, no glazing salmon with honey... Even most sauces were off the table, including sriracha. (I had to switch to Cholula for the month, which was fine but I'm going right back to sriracha after this, that change wasn't worth it, lol.) 

I did end up cooking at home a LOT since eating out was virtually impossible. The only thing I found I could really eat was fries and that's not exactly the healthiest option. 

Pictured are: 

- A spinach puff my mom made (this was actually a bit of a "treat" but we made it from scratch so I was sure there was no sugar in it at least!) 
- Avocado toast w/ radishes and carrots and homemade hummus
- Grilled cheese with cucumber and apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon
- HOMEMADE BROWNIE using dates... my proudest achievement
- A buddha bowl incl. sweet potato, cuke, hummus, radishes... probably my favourite meal of the bunch. Buddha bowls are freakin delicious and you can just throw anything in there
- Mushroom pilaf w/ grilled chicken
- Stir fry with yellow peppers
- Shrimp stir fry w/ avocado and peppers
- Veal fricassee

Overall I really enjoyed cooking at home all the time, but did miss being able to go out and have a normal outing with friends. 

What I've most realized is that you need to appreciate a sweet treat or an occasion meal for what it is. I had two birthday parties this month and couldn't have a slice of cake at either! Sharing those moments with other people make them unique and fun and you have to acknowledge that for what it is. There's a difference between that and "treating yourself" to a cookie at Starbucks every other day. (And seriously--- if you're going to have a baked good.... Starbucks??? No. At least save that speciality for a real bakery or baking at home.) 

And now, here's a list of the things I desperately miss, even though I never really ate them that much before doing this challenge: 

- Rose wine, luxury ice cream (like... that Ben n Jerrys shit), beer, bacon, and cookies. 

I would say pizza too but I JUST figured out how to make pizza without sugar... the trick is apparently you don't fucking need sugar to make dough??? Who knew??? I was always under the assumption that yeast absolutely required sugar to feed on to activate.... Apparently not. Well FINE THEN. I made dough last night and have literally eaten nothing but pizza for the past 24 hours. I am cooking a pizza as I type and it has mozzarella, garlic, mushrooms, and parmesan on it and I can't wait to eat it. PIZZA DEPRIVED FOR A WHOLE MONTH FOR NO REASON. 

All in all, really glad I did this challenge. I think I lost about 2 in. off my waist which is fairly significant. I'm prepared to continue on, but will no longer be denying birthday cake. I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow and I'm eating a burger BUN AND ALL. With a glass of rose wine. 

Happy Canada Day, cheers y'all 

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