Cottage Weekend

Just a quick little June update. 

Not sure if I mentioned this in the last one but for all of June I am eating no sugar. That means: no processed sugar of any kind, no honey, no maple syrup. Natural fruit is okay, and the natural sugar that occurs in dairy is fine as well. Not sure if it's really had an effect on my body so far but I'm definitely in a better mental state. I started making art again, my head's a little clearer, and I think I've been sleeping better. We'll see. Two more weeks to go. I kind of miss cookies. I'll do a bigger update on this and the things I ate at the end of the month. 

Last weekend I headed up to Daniel's cottage for his birthday. A bunch of our friends were there and he and his girlfriend were great hosts. Check out the little gallery below. Lots of sitting on the deck and basking in the sun was done. 

I loooooooove that pic of Dan in the canoe. We went out pretty early on the second day (about 7:30 in the morning) and just took a quiet ride around the little bay. It was only my second time canoeing. My first time was the day before, with Ebony in front. She was a good teacher. ;) Can't keep her eyes open for a photo though. 

Pretty slow June otherwise. I've been busy at work. I saw a show on Saturday at Adelaide Hall. A band from Halifax called Nap Eyes headlined a Discogs-funded show. The room was sadly pretty empty, even though it was a free show!!! I felt pretty bad for the bands. Fake Palms and Dave Monks (of Tokyo Police Club fame) played as well. Fake Palms gotta equalize their sound... they're largely suffering from everything-too-much syndrome (but you could tell their songs were good... they just need a little balance.) Dave Monks had some good songs... some a little cheesy. And he went on for FAR TOO LONG in my opinion. He played well and over the amount of songs on his record. Not cool, 'cause then Nap Eyes only played for a little bit. And Nap Eyes sound fucking AMAZING. Just like their record, but better even. Synthia and I really liked the way he nodded his head in thanks every time the audience clapped... it was pretty adorable, you'll have to believe me. Below: Dave Monks on the left, Nap Eyes on the right. 

Vicky and I saw Wonder Woman last night. I teared up at Chris Pine's death (SORRY SPOILER ALERTTT) I really liked it. You done good DC. Those action scenes were on point. I wish the whole movie took place on Themeskira though. (Probably 100% spelled that incorrectly.) 

That's all I can think of that happened sooooo TTFN!

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