Nick Cave 1 + 2

I want to write a bit about the Nick Cave concerts while they're still fresh in my mind. 

I just got back from the second of a two-night residency that Nick Cave held at Massey Hall. The first night I had godawful gallery seats. Just WAY up there. I was also unexpectedly sitting in front of a curved, higher rail guard that I sort of had to peer through the middle of to see the show. It was, to say the least, annoying, and on stop of that, chilling in a seat is not the ideal way to watch a Nick Cave concert. 

Here's a pic that I took during Red Right Hand. As you can see, I AM VERY FAR AWAY. 

Here's a pic that I took during Red Right Hand. As you can see, I AM VERY FAR AWAY. 

On the SECOND night, I had a floor seat, but it was at the very back. Well fuckkkk that. People got wise to the fact that everyone would be standing and started milling around the stage long before the lights went down. We unfortunately got shunned away by staff the first time around but made our way up there eventually. 

Nick spent a lot of time at our end of the stage which was really nice. I didn't have the best position in all the world.... for about the first 40 minutes I was sandwiched very awkwardly between three dudes, and I mean to the point where I could not move my arms. Thankfully I was able to move to a place where I had a bit more room, but then I ended up with a VERY tall burly dude in front of me. It wasn't so bad because Nick gets really "up in there" with his audience so I had a good view of him unless he went to the left side of the stage. 

He jumped into the crowd a few times and I had to put both my hands on his chest to support him while other people were grabbing his legs and arms. Report: he was very sweaty. Incredibly sweaty. Not as sweaty as the time I saw him in Osheaga, but still. 

I didn't take any pics because I have a feeling he hates that. The guy next to me would film even when he was right on top of us and Nick actually grabbed his phone in a mocking way. There's no bone in my body that ever wants to disappoint Nick Cave, so I took no photos. 

Thankfully that's the last BIG concert I have until BLONDIE at the end of July. I'm seeing The Highest Order open for someone on July 8, and then July Talk on July 21 (lol July-July)... but kinda done with concerts for a tiny while. 

In other news: Today was the first day of NO SUGAR CHALLENGE. I've roped myself and some other people into going no-sugar for June. I just want to: lose weight, force myself to eat better, force myself to read labels, and be healthier all around. You know what has sugar in it? Fucking EVERYTHING. 

Today I ate: a banana-berry-spinach smoothie, half a cuppa tea, a Pink Lady apple, a grilled goat cheese/cucumber/spinach sandwich, a flat white, and then another grilled cheese/tempeh/spinach sandwich for dinner because I HAVE NO FOOD AND ONLY BREAD AND CHEESE. (The bread is made without sugar, btw.) I definitely can't live on only grilled cheeses for the rest of the month as that kinda negates the point of this whole healthy thing but it got me through the first day. And also there's just no ingredients to be working with in my apartment so I'm doing the best I got with what I have. 

Visiting my mom this weekend. Just want to sleep in. :( 

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