Seeing All The Shows

Soooo many things have happened since I last posted. 

Firstly, The Jesus and Mary Chain concert was great. In every direction there was no one sitting in the seats around me, so I wasn't cramped, and had a great, clear view. Pic below! 

That same weekend was Mother's Day so my sister and I took our mom out to brunch in Creemore. We stopped quickly in Creemore Brewery before brunch, but I'm the only one out of the three of us who will drink beer so I had a taste of some kind of raspberry wheat beer. (It was.... not the best, lol.) 

Here's some pics from the brunch place. They had a pretty floor. 

Vicky bought me a cupcake on the same day but the only one's left were Mother's Day themed, haha.Please also appreciate with me how beautiful Boxcar makes their drinks look. 

Two days later, on Tuesday, we checked out Band and a Movie, which is a free show sponsored by Indie88 in which a band plays on the theatre stage of The Royal, and then we all sit in the audience and watch the band's favourite movie. They picked The Big Lebowski, which I've seen, but it's a classic, so it was great. The band was also very GRL POWER and I loved them! 

The weekend after that (of the 19th) was my little nephew's second birthday. I made him a cake. My sister wanted me to make it construction themed. Unfortunately my apartment's oven may as well be a hundred years old and overcooks everything (read: dry) but I think it turned out looking OK. 

The same weekend, Vicky, Nadine and I saw a screening of Spice Girls at The Royal, and on Victoria Day Vicky and I marathoned the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series as a refresher on what the hell has happened to that storyline. 

We made QUICHE and CINNAMON BUNS and both were amazing. Our first batch of dough for the buns failed HARD (didn't rise at all) but I convinced her (and myself) that we should try again. I'm glad we did because our second batch came out GREAT and we may or may not have both eaten two cinna buns each. And two slices of quiche. It was a gluttonous day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

(Below: Vicky stabbing the quiche as I realize I should probably take a pic of our masterpiece, but we COULD NOT WAIT and began eating immediately. The buns I somehow got a pic of before we collectively demolished four of them in a two hour span.)

I had a SUPER BUSY MONTH OF social events, in case you couldn't tell. 

This week I'm on now is turning into the WEEK OF CONCERTS. 

On Saturday Vicky and I checked out a musician I like by the name of Simone Schmidt. Her solo project is called Fiver, and it was an intimate show in a venue I'd never been in before called Array Space. She was promoting her later album. She's got a definite folky vibe but a beautiful voice and an incredible amount of talent. She had quite a few extremely talented musicians accompanying her as well. The show was great, and Simone had very interesting stories to tell between each song. No pics because the setting was so close and quiet... I felt a little awkward taking my phone out (didn't wanna be THAT guy) but below is a track from her latest album if you're curious.

So that was Saturday night. Sunday night I had tickets to see Sigur Ros play at Echo Beach. Great performance from them as always, and now my fourth time seeing them! (How does my phone currently take worse and/or equivalent photos to those my Blackberry took in 2012? Like REALLY?)

TONIGHT (Monday) I won tickets to see Land of Talk play at The Baby G. A sweet little show, I've loved "Some Are Lakes" for a long time and have never seen her play in person, so that was a fun experience. 

Tuesday night I thankfully have nothing (SIT HOME. RELAX. DO DISHES. RELAX.) and then BOTH Wednesday and Thursday I'm seeing Nick Cave perform at Massey Hall which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT. I've had these tickets forEVER and the day is finally here. 

Will hopefully right more about that later this week! 

Phew! That's a lot of shows and social events. REALLY proud of how much I'm keeping to my New Year's Goal of seeing more local shows. It's the only New Year's Resolution I've EVER kept. :)

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