Steak for Four, Thanks

Alright: last night I ate more food than I have ever eaten in one sitting, ever. 

I won this three-course meal for four from Entice Culinary Lounge, and brought the girls from work. Get ready for this absurdly long list of things I tried: 

Cheesy Gnocchi, grilled octopus, mushroom tart, korean beef ribs, a 12 oz. ribeye steak + fries, and dessert, which was CARNIVAL themed and included a candy apple, caramel popcorn, deep fried nutella oreos, a cake pop, and cotton candy. All of this was supplemented with a $60 bottle of wine, and a glass of sparkling for everyone at the table. 


We actually did the math on what it would have cost... well over a $400 bill for the whole table. Below is Victoria very excited about her bison entree, Sam taking a picture of that, and my carnival-ride dessert. 

Anyways, I ate so much that I couldn't sleep on my stomach, it was disgusting but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Completely forgot in my last blog to mention that I visited Melina on the weekend solely so that I could pet her awesome new dog, Niña, a very hyper, lovely little shitzu girl who liked me. :) 

Look at Niña! She's the best. 

Tonight's Jesus & Mary Chain at Massey Hall. Busy weekend ahead!