Sew Awesomeee

Yesterday I attended my first sewing class EVER at The Workroom. And I LOVED it. We learned to sew a pillowcase. Sewing is one of those skills that a bunch of people seemed to learn in high school or somewhere else, but I never did. I was pretty damn excited about this pillowcase and if anyone wants to jazz up their couch, let me know. 

My end goal with the whole sewing thing is to be able to sew quilts. I fucking LOVE quilts but I think a lot of them that you see are made with really lame grandma fabrics... I am desperate to make my own colour combos and see what kind of modern quilts I can come up with. I'm still a far ways away from being able to do that, but that's the end goal. I also don't think there could possibly be a better gift. Like, "hey, here's a thing that I spent hours and hours of my life laboriously making for you, I hope it keeps you warm and makes you feel safe and cozy."

Anyways. Below is my pillow. I love my pillow. 

What else has happened recently... 

This past weekend I gathered some people together to go to Good Enough Live Karaoke. Absolutely awesome, as always... Although I'm starting to learn the lesson that I'm just not destined to sing crowd-pleasers. The songs I really know ~to my soul~ are those minor key, fuckin' sad-as-hell songs. I have the best time doing those and I think it shows... It also would really help if I could learn to pick a song that I know 100000% off by heart. You can have more fun with the audience that way. I sang Dancing in the Dark and pretty sure I fudged some lines or maybe even skipped a whole verse? Who knows... (Also: my friends started chanting my name before I even started singing. Best people ever. Never felt more like a rock star. Not sure it was justified by my singing, but it was kind of fun seeing people I didn't even know join in and chant my name, haha.)

Vicky and I walked 7 miles (basically the length of downtown Toronto and back) yesterday so I could pick up supplies for my sewing class. I love our walks around Toronto. We mused that we talk 60% about food, 30% boys, and 10% things we see on the street. That's kind of how I like it, though, haha. 

Tomorrow the girls from work and I are going to a FREE dinner that I won from Entice Lounge. Will have to update on that because FREE FOOD is the BEST FOOD. I'm also seeing The Jesus & Mary Chain on Friday, which should be a good show. I'm not a die-hard fan but it's something I'd still love to see. 

Alright well this lunch is running long, gonna cut it here.

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