It Was a Gas

This past Tuesday I attended a Choir!Choir!Choir session. I've always wanted to go but it was something that required a little emotional support. Luckily found a coworker who actually enjoys singing and went with me. We didn't know what song it was going to be until the day before: Blondie, Heart of Glass. PERFECT!!! Matched up quite well with the intense Blondie phase I've been going through lately. 

I even had a Blondie shirt that came in the mail the day before, something I had ordered from an Etsy shop in the UK. Absolute best timing ever. This is a picture of the shop owner wearing it (she looks a lot cooler than I do.)

I also feel like I got zero'd in on once the camera guy was filming our final takes, because to be fair: it's a pretty bold shirt. I felt like I was going to stumble over all the words with a camera a foot from my face, but I did "ok". (I think.) 

Anyways, it was super fun and I would 100000% go again (dependent on song choice). I don't think it's something I could keep up with every week, props to the people who are constants! 

The day after, a few coworkers and I had scheduled a mug-making class for ourselves at 4Cats in the junction. We made ridiculous flamingo mugs. See below. 

We left way more stressed out than when we arrived, which is the opposite effect we were hoping for. The class moves VERY FAST and you kind of have to pay attention to the instructions for the next step while your hands are still working on the last one. We scraped it together though, and our mugs all looked pretty dang good if I do say so myself. Here's hoping that they don't explode in the kiln in a million tiny sad pieces. 

We headed to Indie Alehouse after and I ate a delicious shanghai fried chicken sandwich and the Barnyard IPA. Indie Alehouse, you never fail me. I also convinced the girls to get a round of popcorn even though we work for a theatre company because you haven't known true joy until you've eaten popcorn covered in bacon and parmesan. 

Last night Vicky and I walked to Fresh on Bloor (our new favourite place to eat). I think we've dined there at least 5-6 times in the past two months. My salad was roughly a foot tall and included all of the following: mixed sprouts, roasted nuts, sundried tomatoes, grilled tofu, soba noodles, edamame, napa cabbage, mint and a tahini dressing. There was a LOT going on but it worked somehow. Also it was topped with flower petals because Fresh likes to be ~*extra*~. 

To sum up: I need to stop eating out so much. 

I'm seeing Dilly Dally tonight. Bye bye, Silver Dollar! Last show I'm see at you, ever! Please don't punch me in the face, anyone! 

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