Chapters Indigo Holiday Preview 2014

Once again, I was invited again to the Indigo seasonal preview. Hilariously, my last post is also about an Indigo preview. Unreliable Blogger Award 2014. (Or, if you're an Indigo employee... at least I'm consistent with you.) 

There were some pretty neat items available this time around, so I'll get right into the pictures. 

Everyone's favourite item (including mine) seemed to be these gorgeous gold-rimmed cocktail glasses. These also came as martini or water glasses (at least I think they were water glasses.) There were other glasses as well that had some decoration and pattern on them, and while those are great for the holidays or more special occasions, what I kind of like about these is that you can use them year round. They're really versatile, but classy.

I also can't go without mentioning that cheeky print. Now that's definitely something you can't have up year round (or maybe you can, if you're weird like that) but I laughed out loud when I saw it. It's just so blunt, and I like that that kind of humour is coming around.


There was another print on the mantle... "I'm feeling tipsy and fresh." Speaking of fresh, check out that mantle decoration. I'm actually loving the lack of red here. The green and white feels so clean together.


Something else I laughed at. I love this dry humour. Nothing. No. Just no. (Between you and me, the other side says "yes" on it, but we can pretend it doesn't.)


There were these adorable little bottles of syrup on display as well. First of all, packaging: awesome. Simple. Cute. Second of all... spiced apple syrup? Uhhh yes. Yep. I'm for it. Although I wondered... what would I do with this? Cocktails? Food? Something? Turns out.... all of those things. Go to this link. You're gonna want to click that. It's worth it for the photography alone... a little teaser...

Image from the Morris Kitchen website. Look at it. It looks delicious. Also this photo slays all of my dinky iPhone photos. And I want those cups. 

Image from the Morris Kitchen website. Look at it. It looks delicious. Also this photo slays all of my dinky iPhone photos. And I want those cups. 

What is possibly the most exciting part of attending these previews is the lovely gift bag you leave with at the end. Kudos to the Indigo team on putting these together. Included were various things including an ornament, a wall decoration (It could be a number sign, but I like to think that it's a sharp symbol, which would be perfect for an above-keyboard wall gallery), cozy socks and other goodies...


To point out some of my favourite items...

This bottle of hand cream by The Soap & Paper Factory of NY is adorable. The bottle itself looks just like the box too. This particular scent is "Snow Drop" which is described as a "Creamy peppermint". I can smell the peppermint, but there's a bit of a floral scent to it as well. It does dry rather quickly, although I accidentally squeezed out waaaaay too much (well, really, it sort of burst out) so the smell is a bit overwhelming, but I can imagine if you only used a little it'd be a lot easier to wear. (Plus it's just so cute, y'all)


Included also were these ridiculously thick and amazing knit socks. Seriously. They're so thick they're practically boots. And so soft inside. I wore them for this photo and my feet were sweating, which is AWESOME because my apartment gets really cold in the winter and I'm gonna need 'em. 

And you know I wouldn't be able to last five minutes in my house without busting open this cookies and cream candy bar. Delish. I also love love love the plaid tissue paper. I want rolls upon rolls of it. 

Also I lied when I said the glasses were my favourite. Drunken makeup-wearing Santa is my favourite. It will always be my favourite. I need ten of them.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Josh & the Indigo team for the invite. 


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