Design on the Web

Alright, so everyone and their mom probably knows about this site already, but I just discovered it, and its my new favorite go-to website to read about changes in the design world.  

With maybe one of the most beautiful layouts I've ever seen on a website, Brand New has found a comfy home in my Favorites bar. Smart and informative articles on the changing of new logos have solved all my "There's nothing to do on the internet" problems. (Seriously, I've been reading this blog for hours, but I just can't stop.) 

Brand New is actually a division of Under Consideration, which hosts a few more design blogs that are focused on other things. For example, for the foodies out there, Art of the Menu focuses on exactly what it sounds like it does, restaurant menus! Mostly this blog just makes me wish I lived in other places, so I could go see these gorgeous menus in person. 

For those who live in the New York area, Brand New is having a conference on Friday, September, 13, and early bird tickets are already on sale. I wish I could go! (But, alas, not only do I not live in NY, but that's also when TIFF '13 is going on, and I'm definitely already volunteering again this year.) Ah, well. Can't attend them all, I guess.