Art Roundup: Screenprints

I've decided to start a series on here of art roundups. I like to think that after four years of art school, I might have a good eye for art that'd be great for the home. 

This week I'm focusing on screen prints. Screen prints are great because they're one-of-a-kind artworks, but generally cost way less than an original painting or drawing would. When I'm looking for a good screen print, I always make sure it's hand-pulled (in other words, not made by a machine), uses few colours, and has a modern, clean design. 

All of the works I choose will most likely come from Etsy, since it's a great way to support artists and there's usually less shipping restrictions. 

These are my picks of the week...


1. Kitchen , boyounillo, $27 CAD
2. Trigger
esscrossdavis, $30 CAD
3. Sycamore Pattern w/ William Blake QuoteBSJPrints, $103 CAD
4. Life, Death, ActWilliamLeeHolt, $59 CAD
5. AranaMalotaShop, $69 CAD
6. Floral Man Silhouettemethanestudios, $22 CAD
7. Smokestacks, East Rivereconographics, $161 CAD
8. Cape Girlhellojenuine, $24 CAD
9. Work is LoveJamesBrownPrints, $78

Hope you enjoyed that! Looking forward to doing more roundups soon.