BlogPodium 2013

Has it really been nearly two weeks since BlogPodium? This post is certainly long overdue. I found BlogPodium to be a great chance to network and meet a ton of innovative and creative people. Regardless of the fact that this blog is barely in the bud, I feel I learned much from the panel talks and it was overall a wonderful experience.


The day started off with breakfast! Hooray! (I had a croissant. It was delicious.) We had a chance to mingle and I met Casey, Alex, and Lynne, (Lovely ladies, all.) Our seats also had lovely packages ready for us, including our name tags, ("Andrea Zadro Design"... it sounds so real.), notebooks, and these Home Depot keys that gave us a chance to win prizes. 


First stop on our schedule was the Home Depot Workshop. I got some great shots of other bloggers working with the tools. Above is Alex putting her fingers in some sort of perilous danger. 


And here's my sister, Danica, working the nail gun! I actually ended up winning that nail gun. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but, hey... who wouldn't want one? 


Later on I checked out the vendor booths... tons of great displays. My favorites were the Indigo (above) and Urban Barn displays. I'm a bit disappointed that there was no West Elm booth this year! Maybe next time. 

I attended several panels throughout the day but my favorite was probably the one put on by Gabriel from The Artful Desperado. He had a lot of information to share that was geared towards people hoping to gain a job through their blog. He also gave a ton of really specific tips for keeping up with your blog and for practicing self-promotion. 

Plus his Powerpoint had Beyonce gifs, and you know I loved it.  

Overall it was a great experience, I think I'd like to attend again next year, but hopefully having put more of a stamp on the blogging world. I have quite a few plans for this blog, including foodie posts, DIYs, and Etsy roundups (which I love to do!) 

Thanks again to all the folks I met at BlogPodium, you were all wonderful!